Financial Services & Fintech Solutions

  • FS Domain Consultants from Tier 1 London Institutions
  • Proven Track Record of Delivery in Months not Years
  • Full Stack Capability in all Languages, Frameworks and Cloud Platforms
  • Agile and Highly Cost Effective


Financial Services DNA

Our people come with many years experience of directly working for Banks and Fintechs in London.   

We understand the unique language, business processes and the regulatory constraints.

We are at home speaking to traders, quants and people who need to translate their business ideas into technology solutions


From the initial  tests we set for candidates at interview through to  our mentoring and Q/A program, we can be confident of offering the highest possible solutions from our team.  

 Our Agile, Sprint and Scrum based approach, has been fine tuned over several years so that you can be confident we can deliver for you.

‘Full Stack’ Software capability

LDN Labs offer Software Expertise in a multiplicity of software platforms that facilitates customer choice based on the needs of the business.  From mobile apps to fully transactional FS applications.  

We offer enterprise strength software solutions coupled with best practise in modern software architectures.