Delivering Your Vision

 FS & Fintech FOCUSED


We have a number of service offerings to suit the unique requirements of a Financial Services or Fintech business.
We offer everything from a complete engineering service to businesses that currently don’t have a tech team – through to augmenting and supporting existing client teams. We will undertake entire design, build, deployment and support.
Additionally we offer a pure consulting service. We can augment your team in situations where you need specific skills relevant to Financial Services in, for example, Crypto, Payments, Settlement, AML, Watchlist Screening etc.
Our consultants are well versed in all major languages and software frameworks. From Javascript to Scala and Machine learning to A.I. We can guide clients on the best choices for their applications based on the myriad of options available.
Our Solutions have been audited by the FCA and we understand the regulatory landscape.
Additionally we can help with selection of Technology Stacks through to best practice and implementation of any current platforms.



We pride ourselves on our ‘can do’ approach to projects and our ability to augment client teams in order to amplify their capability. We arrive highly motivated and will facilitate a coherent team environment. We hire people who are team players and who get a buzz out of delivering solutions.

Our team is diversified with Physicists, Engineers and Computer Scientists. This enables us to  bring different viewpoints in formulating optimal solutions for your business.

We work both at a business and technology level which eliminates  potential ‘impedance mismatch’ in project delivery.




We have seen common building blocks needed in many Fintechs over the years. Examples include Client Onboarding, Account Origination, Mobile Security, Biometrics etc. We have pre-built accelerators to help speed common requirements needed by most applications.

We have pre-built integrations with many of the common Fintech APIs and understand how to optimise solutions in situations  where APIs lack functionality.

Templated Amazon cloud deployment patterns mean our transition and cut-over to live is faster, repeatable and reliable.

Our accelerators enable you to benefit from re-use and significantly reduce time to market.



When engaged to help you bring a product to market, we will work with you to understand your business drivers and key aspects of your idea. Our aim is to fully understand your application ideas and how we can best augment your team.


Leading on from discovery, we utilise software to capture key elements of your system into a repository. This phase captures all of the functional and non-functional aspects of your system including wireframing of your application. We use a MosCow methodology to ensure we capture all the essential features and flows within your application. This means we can be sure we are all ‘on the same page’.

Agile Development

We have optimised our development process over a number of years which means we can be confident our approach has been ‘road tested’. We take a Sprint and Scrum based approach to our code development. This is fully integrated into our test methodology to ensure we can rapidly iterate to a solution. Clients have full visibility of screen layouts and transactional flows via web based tooling to allow them to comment. This process ensures there are no surprises at the end of a project.


Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Having established your key priorities, we will establish a system and solution architecture that will underpin the design. We will discuss the benefits of different technology solutions including software frameworks, languages and deployment platforms such as Cloud options. This ensures that we neither under or over-engineer the solution. Even at MVP stage, our solutions will allow full user testing of all application aspects and will be fully transactional in order to test application flows.

Change Control

We track business requirement changes and code changes through repositories in order to allow parallel testing and faster time to market.

Deployment And Support

We can deploy full stack mobile and back end solutions to App Store / Play store and to Cloud Platforms. We are an Amazon Web Service registered Partner and have many years experience of delivering and supporting applications in Cloud environments.

We can support your applications in live and have Service Request software to track support calls and enhancement requests etc.